Here you can find the releases and change notes of Cytosplore Viewer. If you need an older build for reproducing previous results please download them below.

Current Version: 1.0.1 Windows 7 and higher (64bits)
Download Full Installer (300MB)
Download Update Installer (30MB)

If you download Cytosplore Viewer for the first time you should download the full installer including the datafile. For updating you can download the update installer without the data. If something goes wrong you can also re-download the s separately and copy the .h5 file to the same directory as the Cytosplore Viewer.exe.
Download Human Middle Temporal Gyrus (MTG) Datafile
Download Mouse Primary Visual Cortex (VISp) and Anterior Lateral Motor Area (ALM) Datafile

Version 1.0.1 Windows   Full Installer (300MB)Update Installer (30MB)

Version 1.0 Windows   Full Installer (300MB)Update Installer (30MB)