The Differential Expression Viewer

The Differential Expression Viewer is designed to mine the full feature set for differential expression between two selections of cells.

There are three methods to select cells / nuclei:

Selections can be emptied by left-clicking in an empty space in the map viewer. By default selections are stored in selection 1. Pressing the left-alt key while performing these actions will fill selection 2.

Differential Expression Viewer image

Once the selections are set, clicking the Compute Differential Expression button will compute differential expression statistics over the full feature set and will fill the table.

Differential Expression Viewer image

The default behavior for the differential expression viewer is as follows:

Once the differential expression computation has finished, the analysis results can be explored as follows:

Differential Expression Viewer image

If either of the selections is changed, the results in the table will no longer be up-todate with the selections: this is indicated in the differential expression viewer by a darker background color for the statistics table and the button “Out-of-Date – Recalculate” will become visible. Note that the previously calculated differential expression results can still be interactively explored.